About Me
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   Hello, my name is David Kirsch and I was born at 27.02.1979 in a town whose name is Magdeburg.
   Ever since, I live in my hometown, which is in Germany, more exact said, in Sachsen-Anhalt. More can you find on my page about Magdeburg.
   At this moment, I go to the Fachgymnasium BbS IV for Building Technology (a kind of highschool). There I try to pass the exam. Later, I will make a training in a survey technician.
   In matter of sport I'm not very active but I ride on my bike often (um, since I have a driving licence it happens not more so often) and I play badminton occasional.
   To the theme hobbies I can say only one thing " COMPUTER ". I think, that the computer is the most important invention on the end of the 20th century. Besides, I ride on my bike, go often in the cinema and make now and then little plastic-models.
   So, that was it from me for the first time. I can't say more now. If you want to know more about me, then you can me send an E-Mail to David@packleds.boerHTML>