About Me
Cat Rapes Dog

  Cat Rapes Dog is a music band from Sweden. Their kind of music is a mixture of Industrial and Cyberpunk.
  I like this music and Cat Rapes Dog is my favorite music band. And I hope that CRD make very good music in future.
  The members are Annelie Bertilsson, Magnus Fransson and Jonas Awertotf.
  The first album on MC was published in the year 1985. And the last album was the 19th record.
  In the year 1995 Cat Rapes Dog was in my city and I made some pictures. Here are the best pictures from the concert. Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures bigger.
Annelie Bertilsson
Làszlò Hàgò
Annelie Bertilsson
Annelie Bertilsson
Die gesamte Band
Magnus Fransson
The first picture of CRD
  Much more facts and infos about CRD can you find at the following pages:
  The official Homepage of Cat Rapes Dog: http://www.catrapesdog.com
  The unofficial Homepage of CRD: http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~md95-asc/crd

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